Tuesday, February 19, 2013

drawing from observation: apples

In the past, we have slacked a little on the "drawing from observation" aspect of art... definitely hitting on it at least once a year, but not often enough. So this year, for fifth grade, I made it a goal of mine to incorporate an observational drawing day in between every major lesson throughout the year. 

Our first? Apples. 

I provided an apple for each student. Their first direction was to draw the apple. When this was done, I told them to take a bite. (They loved this!) Then, draw the apple again. And they would continue to do this until class was over... paying close attention to how the lines and shape of the apple change with each bite.

In the beginning, many students were scared of not drawing the apple correctly, but I was extremely impressed with the outcome of all of my students' drawings! Some were super realistic, some more abstract, but all resembled apples!

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  1. Love this! I've seen it on Pinterest and have wanted to try it. I've skimped a bit on drawing from real life as well...I tend to focus more on learning the techniques and do projects based on other artists to incorporate art history. This year I'm trying to change this oversight as well!


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