Thursday, March 19, 2015

adding details...

Adding details to an artwork might be the hardest thing to get the kiddos to do! We're constantly working on pushing our art farther and thinking of more that we can add to make it complete.

We started by talking about how details are like toppings on an ice cream sundae... it just makes it better! We brainstormed ways to use our senses to imagine what we would see, smell, taste, hear, and touch if we were up close and personal in that artwork... and also what the subject of the artworks senses might pick up!

Students then worked with the kids at their tables to add details to a simple outline of an animal... I loved watching (and hearing) the great collaboration and compliments between the students. They were so supportive of each other and the ideas that they had.

I'm so excited to show you some of the amazing results...
LOVE the hotdog stand detail... :) 

a bedazzled elephant!

amazing overlapping!

how fun are the butterflies in the background... and those motion lines behind them - yay!

wrinkles on the elephant - great detail!

I'm impressed with the details on this lion, but especially love the expression on his face :)

baby alligators, bugs, and seaweed... oh my!

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