Thursday, May 28, 2015


Second and Third graders ended the year learning about texture!

We talked about the difference between Tactile and Visual Texture, looked at a bunch of examples, and then got to work! Their only direction was to show me either visual or tactile texture (or both!), and they had a choice of drawing, collage, paint and craft centers. And the third graders were thrilled to be able to use the clay center for this project, as well. 

Check out these amazing examples of texture in art!

Clay and Feathers! Great textures!

Love when my artists find a creative way to combine centers! 

We're happy that the snow is gone... but love this soft little snowman!

Look at all that detail!!! 

GREAT use of the texture plates in the drawing center!

WOW! Lots of hard work went into this big guy!

The cool colors make this artwork POP!

What wonderful perspective!

Can't get over how cute she is. Great use of drawing and craft centers!

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