Monday, October 5, 2015

brain works...

Sixth graders are focusing their inspiration on World Facts and History this year... so for this project, we talked about the Eastern and Western Hemisphere's of the world and the theory that they mirror the Right and Left sides of the brain in the way that they function, their attitudes, and their experiences. We explored the different functions of the two sides of the brain, and compared them to the elements of art. Then, we got to work on our brain art!

Artists were to design the left side of the brain using collage, sharpies, and charcoal pencils to show "left brain" functions... they were able to explore blending and value through the use of the charcoal pencils, and add a little dimension to that side. 

For the right side, the watercolor studio was opened! Artists practiced on ATC's before doing a wash of color on the right brain.

Then they were to use their imagination to find images in the dried watercolor... like seeing objects in the clouds... and add details and outlines to those things. A very "Right Brain" activity! 

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