Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a little birdy told me...

I got the idea for this project on Pinterest (here) and 
thought it might be a great intro to clay for my Kinders! 

It really turned out to be a great way to show a bunch of clay techniques! In just 40 minutes, the excited students rolled a ball of clay, pinched out the tail feathers and beak, formed the wings and learned how to attach them using the three SSS's (slip, score, and seal), and then added eyes and texture with the clay stick.

When they were finished, I poked two holes underneath and wrote their name. We let them dry and fired them in the kiln.

Then, we got to glaze! I made sure the students left the bottom (or the part that touched the table when they set it down) clean, so that it wouldn't stick to the kiln shelf when it was fired. When they were done in the kiln, I cut, spiraled, and hot glued the legs using wire. 

Such a cute clay project! 
How do you introduce clay to your kindergarteners?


  1. I really like this project! Cute and simple for kindergarten. This is my 3rd year teaching and I have yet to do a clay project with kindergarten (besides color mixing with Crayola Model Magic). However, this year I vowed to do a clay project with kiln fired clay with each grade level...this might be it!

    1. Kindergarten is definitely a tough year for clay building. I can't wait to see what you do! :)


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