Wednesday, February 20, 2013

complementing Keith Haring

I love Keith Haring's artwork. 
It lends so well to elementary; the kids always love to learn about him. 
So, when third grade was learning about complementary colors... 
I decided to do a pop art version of Keith Haring's "bubble" people. 

We began by learning about Keith Haring's life and artwork style. I showed the students two quick clips from Sesame Street on the SMARTBoard - it's fun to show an artist's work in a place so many people recognize. It makes it a bit more "real" for the kids! You can find those clips here and here. :) 

We practiced drawing bubble people on white boards. The students worked with the kids at their tables - chose one person to model, and the rest drew. They rotated through like this til the end of class. {I showed them how to lightly draw a stick person first, then bubble around it and erase the stick. This works wonders for kids who can't just visualize the bubble!}

The next class, we divided our paper into four, drew a bubble person in a different position in each space, outlined in black, and painted each person with a primary watercolor. The next class we discussed complementary colors and painted the backgrounds with those!

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