Thursday, November 13, 2014

wire line sculptures...

This project was so fun, and had all the grades talking.... 

Our Kindergartner's have been learning about all different kinds of lines, 
and we wanted to find a way to make these lines three dimensional. 

Our super talented Industrial Arts classes in the high school agreed
to help us out by making us some wood blocks with holes. 

The Kindergartner's did the rest! 
They were each given four wires, and a bowl of beads. 
They were to make four different kinds of lines, and connect
to the board using the holes that were on the top and sides.
They could add up to three beads to each wire. 

The "big kids" loved looking at these 
(and always guessed an upper elementary grade did them!)... 
and the library was gracious enough to let us display them on the shelves for the month! 

Great job Kindergarten!

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