Thursday, January 22, 2015

drawing castles...

One of my favorite projects for Kindergarten is when we bust out the blocks and draw castles!

Although the kiddos love to build their own castles... I build one for this drawing (or sometimes my "big kids" that have class before them will build it for me!). We try to make it somewhat symmetrical, and I put it in the table that's in the middle of the room... that way most students have a similar view of the shapes that it takes to build it.

This is one of the first art projects where the kinders learn to draw from observation. We are usually just beginning our shape units, and so they get great practice at drawing the shapes that they see... and it's an excellent way to exercise their brains with spatial relationships.

I usually start the lesson by giving them a demonstration on the SMARTBoard of where to begin and how to "build" by drawing the shapes on their paper. But then I just let them go and their final castles are always amazing! Of course... they have to add details like kings, queens, and dragons! 

What materials do you have at home that you could set up and draw?

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