Thursday, January 22, 2015

we've got rhythm...

Fifth graders are working hard learning about the different principles of art this year, so for Rhythm/Movement we talked about Andy Goldsworthy. He is a British sculptor and photographer who uses the environment as his inspiration and materials! He has a unique way of showing rhythm and movement through his arches, circles, spirals and stacks. Check out some of his amazing artwork here!

Unfortunately it was too cold out for us to do the same; but, we watched a slideshow of his artworks, and then used random art collage materials to create our very own temporary art as a team.

This group of fifth graders is especially social... so working in groups had the potential to get out of control. They took the "no talking" challenge extremely seriously though... how could a group of three or four fifth graders build a temporary artwork showing rhythm, movement, and good composition without talking?!

This group sketched ideas, and wrote notes
to communicate about their design

They were more than up for the challenge... and they rocked it!

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