Wednesday, April 29, 2015

drawing how we feel...

Kindergarten has been experimenting with Choice centers by focusing on an element of art, or on a special theme for the day. This gives them a good intro to using the different centers, and time to experiment with what each material does. 

Our most recent artwork was all about how we feel. First we read "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss, and talked about how we can make the artwork feel a special way just by using colors! Students gave examples of how each color makes them feel... and we talked about how it can be different for each person. 

Next, I challenged our little artists to create an artwork, using the drawing and/or collage center, that shows how they were feeling that day ; and, the Kinder's were SO thoughtful about the feelings and colors that they showed in their artworks! Check 'em out:

Olivia - Angry Day!

Kate - Sick Day :( 

Kayleigh - Happy Orange Day!

Landon - Confident Day :) 

Jayla - Happy Blue Day!

Grady - Sad that He Wasn't in Gym Day ;) 

Kendra - Mixed Up Day!

Esperanza - Brrr.... It's a Cold Day

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