Tuesday, April 28, 2015

muppet abstracts...

The fourth graders have been learning all about different artistic styles this year, and this was a fun one!

We talked about Abstract Art, which uses lines, shapes, and colors to create a composition that doesn't exactly represent the world as we see it. This was a tough concept to grasp for many! Some artists have a need to make it look "real" and in this one, they were being asked to make it not look real!

Since we are using a modified choice, I limited the subject of the artwork to a muppet, or cartoon character; but, the students could choose which character to use, and could use any supplies from the drawing, collage, and painting centers.

The students' goal was to show me an abstract version of the muppet they chose. They could do this by paying close attention to the lines, shapes, colors, and patterns on the muppet, and then recreating them in a different arrangement. It helped to explain that the final artwork should almost be like a mystery to the people viewing it... they should have to put all of the clues together to decide what or who it is!

I think they did a great job... here a few examples... can you name the muppet or cartoon character?

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