Thursday, September 10, 2015

welcome to the ART room...

Thought I'd start out the year with a tour of the 4-6 Art Room!

As I said in the last post, the students are learning how to do their art using a Choice-Based model this year.

So, Choice-Based Art (or sometimes referred to as Teaching for Artistic Behavior) revolves around the idea that students are responsible for deciding what their art projects will look like, instead of a "cookie cutter" approach to learning about art. The artist decides which materials, and often subject matter, will be best for their artwork. They are given a chance to explore, experiment, and problem solve. At the beginning of a unit, we will discuss and practice a standard or new technique and then the students will be given a theme to work with to create their final piece of art.

I had been intrigued by this idea for awhile, and just implemented it into my classroom last January with amazing results. I have no doubt that BE students will be amazing with this too!

So, without further ado... here's the room!

When you enter you're greeted with this... perfect for summing up the rules in the art room, but also perfect for our Choice Based theme!

Speaking of rules... our Mona also greets us as we enter the room, along with the Elements and Principles of Art. Saying "Show Me the Mona" is the way I get the students attention during class. They hear me say it, and they are to have eyes on me, hands still, and mouths in a quiet smile. Underneath her is the Bears Share table that has a small paper supply for students to choose from, Artist Statements that are filled out after each major project, and Artist Trading Cards - little mini paper for artworks that we complete as practice and just for fun! Throughout the year we'll be trading these mini treasures with people all around the world... we can't wait!! 

Next are the centers. We only have four opened so far this year. Students earn a new center by keeping the current ones clean and organized, and by making good choices when it comes to behavior and rules. If all goes well, a new center is set to open with each new project! 

Drawing was the first to open - this center has everything you might need to complete what I might call a "dry" artwork. :) Pencils, erasers, rulers, crayons, markers, colored pencils, texture plates... it's all here. 

Next to open was collage. This center has scissors, glue, paper scraps, fun patterned papers, paper edgers, and the ever popular paper crimpers!

Most recently we've opened the Painting center. So far this has watercolors and tools to create some cool watercolor techniques, like white crayons, salt, Qtips, and rubbing alcohol. Throughout the quarter new kinds of paint will hopefully be added as well!

The Inspiration center is one that is open, but hopefully will grow much bigger than what you see here. This has children's books, how to draw books, Artist biographies, and eventually other tools like drawing models, to help artists be inspired to create the best artwork they can create!

In my classroom, students are encouraged to create a WOW piece of artwork... below are some posters I use to guide them in knowing what qualifies as WOW, and how to make it happen. :) 

This is one of my favorite parts of the room. On the first day, students were given a sticky note to fill out if they wished, telling me why they thought art was important. I love the answers that they gave... below are some of my faves. 

And last... my BElieve in YOUrself bulletin board! Mrs. Manriquez left me this amazingly colorful bulletin board, and I think this inspirational saying is perfect there! I hope it inspires all of the students to be themselves this year in their artistic choices! 

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