Thursday, November 13, 2014

more weaving fun...

Our second graders finished their weaving unit
with something really unique... 

weaving with our bodies! 

I wanted to find a way to reinforce the vocabulary that
we learned with our weavings, and found this amazing idea from Mini Matisse here!

We now should know these art terms: 
A loom is a device used to make a weaving. The loom holds the warp.
(Our loom below is made by the students sitting on the floor)
The warp is the part of the weaving that is on the loom. This is passed over and under by the weft.
(Our warp is the yarn being held by the loom)
The weft is the part of the weaving that is woven over and under the warp. 
(Our weft is the students that are going over and under the warp)

The kiddos had so much fun, and could tell me exactly
what each part of the weaving was by the end of class! 

Take a look! 

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